About Simmer Snow Press

    At least one poem each day works wonders that no apple can match.

    This is my robust and oh-so-very-terribly personal literary devotional (sans religion), an exercise for the little bones and muscles in my fingers to tap out the simmering signals in my head.

     I will write at least one poem or prose piece per day – perhaps on a napkin, notepad or the back of my hand (it looks best when it gets all smudgy).  This is not attempt at literary glamour or existential meaning; I am simply on a quest to exercise the tedium from my brain and parade the zoo in my mind for an adoring and contemplative void.  Perhaps sometimes the things that tumble down and out will strike that sweet spot, but mostly I expect to end each day with a soft, little hill of jigsaw stanzas and half-formed thoughts.  These, my friends, are not the serene meditations of a monk or the active erudition of a high-yield wordsmith.  This is – quite frankly – some butter for my bread.  And I really enjoy well-buttered toast.    

These are the things I like:

Feathers, Glass, Whole milk, Trees, Wax, Leather, Canvas, Bones, The Loch Ness Monster, Paint, Blacksmithing, Charlie Chaplin, Sheep, Frayed edges – especially chiffon, Frank Sinatra, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Butter, David Bowie, Windows, Collecting bottles, Decorative pillows, The color teal, Scissors, Antique balloons, Fashion, Toast, Dresses, Useless knick-knacks, Salman Rushdie Words, France, Pimento cheese, Altered states of mind, High ceilings, The cello, Chalkboards that are blackboards, Graphic sex, Henry Miller, Nudity, Overcast sky, Far away feelings, Babies, Early morning         


These are my favorite words:

Alphabet, Amber, Anklet, Antlers, Apple, Apron, Ash, Autumn, Banana, Basil, Bauble, Bell, Bellows, Berry, Bisque, Black, Blend, Blithe, Bloom, Blonde, Blossom, Blue, Blush, Bodice, Bones, Box, Bubble, Bumblebee, Burgundy, Burnish, Burnt, Brand, Brandish, Breakfast, Brush, Cabbage, Cafe, Cake, Calcium, Calm, Camera, Candle, Canvas, Cape, Carnation, Carnival, Carousel, Carriage, Caviar, Cellar, Cello, Cerulean, Chalice, Chandelier, Charcoal, Chariot, Charm, Chime, Chocolate, Churn, Circular, Clack, Clavicle, Claxon, Clay, Clemency, Clementine, Cloak, Clover, Clue, Coax, Cobbler, Coco, Coffee, Coffin, Coil, Column, Cookie, Compote, Copper, Coral, Cork, Cosmo, Coy, Cream, Crescendo, Croquet, Cucumber, Cumberbun, Culture, Cup, Cushion, Custard, Damask, Dapple, Dash, Decollete, Deer, Delicious, Dish, Doe, Dove, Draft, Dressing, Ebony, Electric, Elixir, Elope, Esquire, Fang, Feather, Fig, Filigree, Finch, Fisticuffs, Fleet, Fortune, Fox, Flaxen, Flicker, Fluff, Fray, French, Frothy, Fusion, Genuflect, Ginger, Gladiator, Glimmer, Glossy, Gloves, Glow, Goose, Gossamer, Grand, Harlequin, Harlot, Harper, Harpsicord, Hazel, Honeycomb, Holly, Horizon, Husk, Imprint, Ink, Ivory, Ivy, Jolly, Juniper Juxtapose, Karma, Key, Kiln, Kin, Knife, Lacivious, Lamb, Lapse, Lattice, Lava, Leather, Lecture, Lemon, Lemengrass, Leopard, Lick, Lime, Linen, Lollipop, Lope, Lotion, Lotus, Lush, Magma, Mandala, Mandolin, Mannequin, Marble, Marrow, Mascara, Mask, Masquarade, Mercury, Mercy, Milk, Milo, Mirror, Mohogany, Molasses, Mongoose, Murmur, Muse, Mushroom, Myriad, Naked, Napkin, Narrow, Nest, Nestle, Nutcracker, Nurse, Obsidian, Oil, Ombre, Onyx, Orb, Pachederm, Palate, Palm, Pan, Panther, Paper, Paradise, Pasta, Paste, Pastry, Peach, Pearl, Pebble, Pedway, Peplum, Perfume, Pernicious, Petal, Petticoat, Phantom, Pie, Pillow, Ping, Pinwheel, Pixal, Pixie, Placid,  Pleather, Plough, Pluck, Plum, Plunge, Plush, Poinsetta, Pomegranate, Pomade, Pompous, Polish, Poppy, Posey, Porcelain, Porridge, Posses, Potion, Powder, Pox, Precision, Press, Presumptuous, Price, Precious, Prince, Print, Prongs, Pudding, Puff, Pulse, Pumice, Pumpkin, Puppy, Purple, Purse, Push, Python, Quacker, Quill, Quiver, Quixotic, Rabbit, Rasp, Reflection, Resplendent, Revolution, Revolver, Rhapsody, Ribbon, Ropes, Rosemary, Royal, Salad, Salmon, Scarlet, Scarves, Scroll, Scrumptious, Seal, Season, Seed, Seethe, Selkie, Sensual, Sensuous, Serendipity, Serpent, Sequin, Seven, Sex, Shalom, Shatter, Shearling, Sheer, Shimmer, Silence, Sift, Silhouette, Silk, Simmer, Skeleton, Skin, Slender, Slice, Slink, Slither, Slumber, Smoke, Smolder, Snacks, Snow, Soapstone, Solace, Souffle, Spade, Sparrow, Spice, Splendor, Splice, Spoon, Sprite, Spun, Stanza, Staircase, Statuesque, Sterling, Strusel, Swirl, Sword, Tassel, Taupe, Temper, Tempura, Temple, Tender, Tendril, Textile, Texture, Thimble, Tier, Timber, Tines, Trellis, Tremor, Tresses, Trill, Truffle, Twine, Velvet, Verve, Vestibule, Vine, Vinegar, Vinyl, Violin, Vixen, Voluptuous, Vellum, Walrus, Wax, Weave, Whimsical, Whip, Whirl, Whisk, Whisp, Whisper, Wick, Wilbur, Willow, Wine, Winter, Wolf, Wreathed, Yarrow, Yellow, Yougurt, Zealous,


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